Located in Parksville, Vancouver Island B.C., we are ideally situated with ready access to excellent wood sources. Our shop / studio acts as a base of operations for larger projects and as a well equipped work space geared towards smaller frames, stair cases, architectural features and Shelterwood deck systems.


Led by Randy Gresham, we also draw upon the talents of local craftsmen augmenting our production capabilities when needed. With ready access to an established local building site, infrastructure costs are kept down. These savings are passed on to the client. We have a proven track record that gets the job done, with personal, undivided attention throughout the building process.


Synergy – a joint venture taken together to increase each other's effectiveness.


Our intense respect for the wood resource and the resources and desires of our customers happily challenge Gresham Post and Beam to offer outstanding craftsmanship combined with a critical path towards successful project completion.